How to get a Better Insurance Deal

Insurance is something that most of us have. Whether we have life and buildings insurance because our mortgage company insists on it, car insurance because it is the law or choose to have other types of insurance such as contents, pet, dental, health or whatever, there is a good chance that we have insurance or will be likely to have it in the future. There are many types of insurance and many reasons why we might consider having them. However, there is no getting away from the fact that insurance is expensive and it is something that we may have to pay or want to pay for peace of mind.

It can be tempting though to just always stick with the same insurer and you will find that the policy will go up each time you renew and you just pay it. However, it could be wise to compare the prices between different insurers. Whatever type of policy you have, you will find that there are alternative insurers that you could use. They may not be cheaper of course, or you may decide that you would rather just stick with who you are using, but it is worth thinking about getting quotes elsewhere to see whether you can save money.

There are different ways that you can get quotes. It can be wise to start by using a comparison website. You will be able to get an idea of the range of prices that you can expect for your insurance. Normally there will be some extremely cheap companies that you are unlikely to have heard of. Some people are happy with dealing with these and if you wish you could do some research to find out more about them and find reviews from customers to see what they think of them. You may prefer to look for names that you know and see which of those comes out as the cheapest. It is worth remembering that comparison websites will not look at all insurers. There will be some insurers that do not appear on comparison websites. There are two reasons for this. Some insurers do not pay commission or not as much for appearing on comparison websites and so the comparison companies will leave them out as they want to make as much commission as they can. Some companies just do not appear on them at all under principle and it allows them to keep their prices lower. It is up to you as to whether you want to save time and stick with a comparison website or look around at other companies yourself. Alternatively you could try using a broker. They will be limited in the companies that they look at as well, for quotes and policies, but you may prefer that more personalised service.

It is worth looking into putting insurance together with the same company. For example, if you have buildings and contents insurance with the same company then they may offer you a discount. If you have other types of insurance with them, they may also offer you a discount. Making no claims on insurance can make a big difference to the cost of the policy. This means that it is wise to think hard when making a claim. Make sure that it is something that is of a significant cost, that you have to have done and would not otherwise be able to afford. If it is a small thing, then it is probably easier to pay yourself anyway and you could save money in the long term as making a claim will increase your risk and therefore make you more expensive to insure.

The value of the items that you are insuring will mean you pay more to insure them. Therefore it can be good to think about this when you buy things. For example a large property, car or animal will be dearer, in most cases, to insure than smaller ones. When we buy things like this we can often forget to think about the ongoing costs, such as the insurance and therefore it can come as a shock if we have to pay more than we expect to. However, it can be a significant expense of that item and therefore worth thinking about when you do get it in the first place.

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